Original Music for Schools 

A friend of mine asked if I could 'create a piece of music' for her school's feast day. There were senior students involved and an ex student who was gifted in drama willing to come up with a movement for the girls to weave into the sacred space. So we created a 'soundscape.' Indigenous leaders began with a smoking ceremony and the music highlighted the school’s values.


If you would like to commission a song or piece of music it’s a lot easier than you think and not very expensive.


Email Anne Maree am@canarystudios.com.au to see how she can transform your prayer space or reflection Day tailored to your theme. Involve students for a great outcome. It's like rekindling hope in a tumultuous world when the music comes to life from the germinating wisdom inside us all...




Faith That Saves us - Anne Maree Higgins
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