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Want High A Quality Live Singer 

and Affordable Music?

Treat your guests with Annie Higgins music for
your next party or backyard celebration

Annie's repertoire is perfect for that balmy night standing around with drinks and catching up with friends. Just enough groove with plenty of chill and ambiance to make your celebration perfect. No backyard yard is too small for music fun.

Annie performs at HOUSE PARTIES for birthdays (eg) 30's, 40's and 50's etc BBQ's, fundraisers, weddings and even at the Defence Force Mess. You'll hear favourites like 'Son of a preacher Man,' 'This Love' and 'Valerie' as well as Annie's own music that is gaining popularity on Spotify and Youtube. Enjoy a familiar yet cool fusion of funk, reggae and acid jazz.

Email for booking availability 

Family Friendly 

WARNING- This is live footage from real life parties- THERE MAY BE VERY HAPPY PEOPLE who are enjoying a REAL live artist! Listen at your own risk !!!!!

Annie Higgins' music is a fresh spin on the best of acoustic soul, acid Jazz, funk and reggae. She has recently hit over 40K views with her latest single on Youtube and has growing momentum on Spotify with her original music.


The songs are driven by the groove but add a uniquely Australian sound with stand out female vocals and creative sonic sounds. The music still celebrates the original illustrious sounds of the Wa Wa, Hammond organ, brass classics, and heartfelt bass but departs from older synths to a coastal acoustic feel.

"It's all about catching up with friends and family and chilling to a happy, vibe atmosphere. Great for your local party or favourite neighbourhood bar. I just wrote songs I would want to hear." Annie Higgins 

ANNIE HIGGINS and LUKE GERBER met up to write and produce an honest acoustic groove vibe that is classically Australian with funk, soul and Jazz influences. They've enjoyed the talents on the album such as JEFF DE ARAUJO on drums and percussion and SEAN VENEZUELA on keys. 

“Its been a creative and fun process, We’re normal people and just love our music so it’s the kind of music that appeals to most people over a beer or a wine.

Influences: Stevie Wonder, Eva Cassidy, Uncle Jed, Jamiroquai, Brand New Heavies, Alicia Keys, Lake Street Dive, Donnie Hathaway, Donovon Frankenreiter, Jack Johnson and Sheryl Crowe.

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