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Annie Higgins, woman, mother, lover and songstress.

The timbre of her voice and the depth of her feeling body are written large across her work, with songs that capture the minutiae of a life well lived, and fiercely loved.


Annie’s music and passions are resoundingly connected to the spiritual experience of being human.  Yet there’s cheekiness in her delivery and turn of phrase, an underlying playfulness and purity of tone that delights the ear and the heart.


Her Album Wise Woman is planned for release later in 2022 and she is aiming high with a selection of songs that deliver quality lyrics and soulful tunes.


Genre:    Acoustic Soul    Reggae    Funk    Acid Jazz


Songs include all live instruments recorded @Underfoot Records 

Producer:                                  Michael Hardwick

MD, Bass and Guitars:          Luke Gerber

Piano, Organ, Rhodes:          Sean Venezuela

Drums and Percussion:       Jeff De Arajuo

Composer/Vocals:                Annie Higgins



Wise Woman

Pot of Gold

Rocky Start

Work it Out

The Flick

Livin' and Breathin’


There’s Only Love

Blue Skies

Can’t Move Past it

Good Things

My Friend

Past releases: 

Rescue Me

I Knew

In The Silence


Sounds Of The Sacred

Mass For Living Album

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