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Can anyone learn to sing?


Everyone can improve their voice given the time and technique.


Everyone is born with a speaking voice and most people can sing or hold a tune. It is how they balance their air and muscle flow that determines how they sound. It is rare that a person is ‘tone deaf’ as these people simply need to be shown how to listen more deeply.


Is vocal technique essential or can I just learn some cool warm ups?


The truth is that most of us do need technique and useful vocal tools to keep the voice healthy but also to help us get that ‘finished’ or polished sound. Vocal technique actually changes the way you coordinate the vocal folds when you sing. The point of technique is to sing so your audience can never tell you ever used it. True technique becomes invisible, allowing for your overall performance to shine.


How young can you be when studying voice?


The earliest age for beginning vocal training can be as young as the child can participate happily. Great vocal trainers can assess and meet the needs of the student and help them develop good habits from the start. People learn in varying degrees with a mix of technique scales, vowel tools and songs. The development of male and female voices are very different and need to be cared for on an individual basis.



What are the key things to get started?


1. Get a vocal assessment from a fully qualified teacher


2.  Know your voice- what is your voice type and what do you tend to do when singing?


3. Work with your voice on a regular basis with a qualified teacher- Know the tailored exercises and tools that work best for your vocal habits.


4. Sing somewhere: Sing at home, recordings, karaoke, church, cafes, concerts, auditions, eisteddfods, choirs or bands.

What do I bring to my lesson?


  1. iphone/recording device

  2. Backing track or sheet music

  3. Lessons are pre-paid


How much do lessons cost?


Private Lessons:


$95 per hour or $50 per half hour for an introductory lesson 


Casual lessons also available by private negotiation


Book lessons by contacting Anne Maree Higgins via

or call 0011 61 (0404035320) between 10am and 5pm Mon- Fri

SKYPE NAME: annemareehiggins


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